From Syria to Savannah

Meet the Mahmouds. Written by Jessica Lynn Curtis. Photos and video by Molly Hayden. 

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40 Acres & A Future

African-American farmers are helping to reshape how and what we grow in the South. 

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The Southern Comfort Food Trail

There are certain staples of the Southern pantry: Duke’s mayonnaise, White Lily flour, Anson Mills grits, Carolina Gold rice, Canewater Farms Sorghum Syrup

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Oh, Bee-have

Our tiny pollinators are in danger—but your little piece of paradise can protect them. Ariel Felton asks a master gardener what the buzz is…

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10 minutes with Donald and Stu Card

The brother duo behind Savannah Taste Experience, the city’s most popular food tour, are at it with a full-on history of the thing we…

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Character Sketches

Islam and Activism

by Molly Hayden

“Islam is a peaceful and inherently activist-based religion. And with the overarching goal of Moms Demand Action, to end gun violence, they go hand-in-hand. Both are empirical. Both are scientific. Both are contributions to the world Allah has given to us. It’s large in perspective, but the overall feeling is to do good for mankind.” – Lindsey Free-Donovan, Volunteer Chapter Leader of Georgia, Moms Demand Action

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Native Beauty

Native Beauty


Savannah might be home to the next big skincare sensation—and we have two local ladies to thank for it. By Reilly Mesco. Photos by Izzy…

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