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Shop Savannah Fashion Week

We asked local style icons to show us their must-have looks for spring—and how to get them at Savannah’s indie boutiques.

Courtney Buntin Victor Shops Fashion Week

The Glow beauty maven behind many of Thursday night’s runway looks took some time out of her busy social schedule to “go for the gold” at participating boutiques.

“I love this amazing statement necklace from Trunk 13!”


“I’m having an arm party with Sheila Fajl jewelry from Custard.”


“These Aliceand Olivia shorts from BleuBelle would up the style-ante of any outfit.”


“Love this purse from Fab’rik.”

“These luxury blotting papers have a built-in bronzer to make sure you look bronzed and beautiful—never oily or shiny!”

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  1. I MUST have that dress from Trunk 13!

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