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15th Annual Savannah Film Festival

The 15th annual Savannah Film Festival opened with a walk along the red carpet and a montage of the films, honored guests and signature moments that have made this “the nicest film festival in the world.”

Photo courtesy of SCAD

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Review:  Rise of the Guardians


Recap:  Friday Night Goes Full Throttle


Review: The Sapphires


Recap: A Bevy of Awards and Brews


Review: Tomorrow You’re Gone


Review: Rust and Bone


Review: Dreams are not Forgotten


Interview: 7 Minutes, 31 Seconds with Diane Lane


Review: Hyde Park on Hudson


Recap: Halloween Meets Hump Day 


Review: Don’t Stop Believin’



Snapshots: Evening Reception at Savannah Smiles



Review: Quartet


Stan Lee not so humbly accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award from SCAD Co-founder and President Paula Wallace, proclaiming to the audience, "I deserve it 100%!" The audience played sidekick to their hero with a standing ovation for the creative genius behind some of America's most iconic superheroes and villains for 71 years. Then--POW!--Lee coyly let the audience know that his wife would be asking him to take out the garbage when he got home. After many heartfelt thanks, Lee stooped down to collect his award , delivering the nights final gag, "I hope I can lift this; it's so heavy." If only Captain America was there to save the day!

Snapshot: Stan Lee


Review: Nobody Walks


Snapshots: Evening Reception at Cha Bella
Review: On the Road



Review: No Woman, No Cry



Interview: 3 Minutes, 52 Seconds with John Goodman



Interview: 8 Minutes with John Gatins


Review: Flight


Recap: A Party at the Olde Pink House 



Review: Silver Linings Playbook



Interview: 9 Minutes with Adam Shankman



Recap: Opening Night of 15th Annual Film Festival







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