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The Stopover Guide: Kayla Medina

Day 2-5
Headed to Savannah Stopover? Get tips from these festival-bound locals. Photo by Jon Waits. 


Kayla Medina might just be Savannah Stopover’s biggest fan. With an obsessive love for live music and a boyfriend, Peter Robaudo, who’s the Director of Talent and Systems Management for the festival, she has the inside scoop on all the greats, like Christopher Paul Stellin. “Ever since I saw him perform during Stopover at the Telfair Academy in front of the Black Prince painting, I’ve looked forward to seeing him again and again,” Kayla says. With a penchant for everything from from Billie Holiday to Alt-J, this Miami native knows a good party when she sees one. To fall in line with her infallible plan to see, hear, and drink the best, dive in below.


Thursday, March 9


Must-see show: Kishi Bashi

Drink in hand: Lagunitas IPA, for sure! But if Deep Eddy sponsors again, then I’ll be all over that Ruby Red vodka!

Must-have Stopover item: The pocket guide to make sure I catch as many of my favorite shows as possible. Lots of running around is involved, and without my marked guide I’d be lost. 

“Best live show? Radiohead in West Palm Beach. It was their first show of their In Rainbows tour.”


Friday, March 10


Must-see shows: A Tribe Called Red

Best watering hole (and venue!): El-Rocko Lounge–fun vibes and they play some great tunes. 

Late-night snack spot: There’s this little convenient store on Congress St. that sells fried chicken and biscuits, which is definitely a tasty option. 

“My favorite festival buddy is Tyler Staggs. He’s been coming to visit me from Tampa for Stopover for the last four years and it’s become tradition.”

Saturday, March 11

country mice

Must-see show: Country Mice

Lunch spot: Collins Quarter. They have everything you’ll want, from a cup of coffee to keep you going to a Bloody Mary to really keep you going. 

Best venue: Abe’s on Lincoln. It’s a cool little dive bar that might be one of my favorites in town. 

For a full schedule of Savannah Stopover 2017, click here. Photos courtesy of Savannah Stopover. 

2 Responses to The Stopover Guide: Kayla Medina

  1. These dates are clearly wrong.
    Stopover intimidates me a bit – feel like an old fart, so please consider rerunning this piece with the corrected dates and maybe a few more recommendations! Thanks.

    • Hi Beth, we’ll be running new agendas from different locals from now until the festival. Keep checking back with us to see if you can find one that better suits your taste!

      – The Sav Mag Team

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