Ring In The New

Against the classic backdrop of a historic mansion, a member of the local “glitterati” designs a porch party rife with personalized touches and sparkling…

Location, Location

Savannah’s Realtors are selling the good life—and we’re buying.  Annabelle Carr asks the Empire’s eponymous experts for their hottest tips and sweetest deals.

Are You Eating?

Get your latke and blintz fix when Shalom Y’all rolls into Forsyth Park on Sunday. Words and photos by Lisa Solod. 

Living Thanks

Inspired by the first story she heard of the original Thanksgiving, a crafty local event designer stages a colorful feast with the help of…

A Gracious Plenty

Two Atlanta transplants mix casual comfort with a dash of glitz to create the ideal setting for celebrating with family and friends. Judy Bean…