The Southern Comfort Food Trail

Pork Belly. Atlantic.

There are certain staples of the Southern pantry: Duke’s mayonnaise, White Lily flour, Anson Mills grits, Carolina Gold rice, Canewater Farms Sorghum Syrup—that last one is all mine. I’ve become quite fond of it—on biscuits, as a sweetener instead of sugar, in a bourbon cocktail.

But, I digress.

My point is, there are dishes that are distinctly of place. They possess what the French refer to as terroir when it comes to their wines—that “characteristic of taste and flavor imparted by the environment in which it is produced,” according to the Wiktionary. The South as a region and Savannah as a city both reek of terroir—I mean that as a compliment. There are just some foods you can’t find anywhere else. (Well, you may be able to find them, but that doesn’t mean folks know how to cook them.) We have a particular je ne sais quoi developed over time and through memory in the way that we approach these foods in preparation and in presentation. And, at the heart of it all we are led home—to that heartening place that’s at once ephemeral and filling.

So, go ahead and grab a fork and join me as we traverse Savannah magazine’s Southern Comfort Food Trail. 

Written and compiled by Amy Paige Condon. Photography by Jason B. James. 

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