5 Bookish Things We Recommend For Fall

Like those temperatures that just won’t drop, the upcoming publishing schedule in Savannah is hot. Grab your to-go cup and get ready to read….

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Remembering Gregg Allman

By Sarah Taylor Asquith.  “Find me the exact opposite of Times Square.” That’s what Gregg Allman told his realtor in 2000, when he returned…

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Best of Savannah 2017 – Wednesday, Nov. 15

  Come one, come all—to the 2017 Best of Savannah party!

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A Year in Food: Festivals Worth the Drive

A good feast has always been an integral part of bringing people together. The only two things required for any celebration are a hearty plate…

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From Syria to Savannah

Meet the Mahmouds. Written by Jessica Lynn Curtis. Photos and video by Molly Hayden. 

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Coffee Talk

by Molly Hayden

“There came a time when I started caring about coffee and that’s when I stopped going to places like Starbucks. Coffee is a science; it’s an art form and a culture. We have so many people from all over the world who live here in Savannah and coffee is a common denominator. Everyone needs a spot to reenergize and refuel; to socialize or get some work done. It’s atmosphere centered around really good coffee.” – Jaz Solana, barista-in-tra­ining at Henny Penny Art Space and Café

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