Reel Food

Fishing for fine dining with a sense of humor?  Andrea Goto makes the catch. 

Savannah’s Master Builder

Historic builder Isaiah Davenport was the man of honor during the inaugural Historic Savannah Foundation Preservation Fest. Allison Hersh explores his legacy.

Hand Cured

Roberto Leoci, owner of Leoci’s Trattoria, fashions gnocchi by hand, cures his own salami and preserves his own jam.  In the May/June issue of…

Sunny with a Chance of Okra

What’s on Savannah’s foodie forecast? Andrea Goto sat down with a couple of resident epicures—and their kids—to get their predictions.  »  Photography by Katie McGee.

Civil Conduct

During her ongoing quest for “near-native” status, Andrea Goto gets a history lesson…and samples the punch. 

Capturing the Tower

An archetype of post-war promise, iconic Drayton Tower may finally realize its full potential in a new era under new ownership. Photography by Richard…

Alternate Reality

A serial tech entrepreneur explains the perks of being local and bids adieu to the concept of a traditional workspace. Betty Darby shares his…

Charmed Creatives

Two artful new arrivals are making their mark in the galleries and streets of Savannah. Summer Teal Simpson follows them home. Photography by Chia Chong.