Culinary Contributions

Every time you order one of these dishes from any eatery in the South, you are nourished by the rich coastal heritage of the Gullah-Geechee people. Their ancestors brought seeds and know-how from their native Ghana and Sierra Leone through the Middle Passage, forever influencing the regional foodways we celebrate today. Dive into these taste tests for a culinary history trip.


Hoppin’ John Salad with Hot Pepper Vinegar Vinaigrette

A favorite recipe from our editor-in-chief, Hugh Acheson’s take on the New Year’s favorite is one to remember.

Recipe at GoWhisk

Deviled Crab

Pin Point Heritage Museum has a cool way of sharing the Deviled Crab love–their postcards conveniently have the recipe added right on the front. We think that’s just great marketing.

Recipe (and postcard!) here

Shrimp and Grits

Droves of tourists travel to Savannah’s squares every year for a taste of this perennial favorite, and this one, by Sallie Anne Robinson, is just the ticket for bubbling it up at home.

Recipe here

Crab Rice

Sallie’s crab rice recipe is equally fabulous, featured in our July/August 2012 issue, and makes for great cooking–the Gullah way.

Recipe here

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