Meet the Fashion Student: Mosi Mckie

Cover image courtesy of designer.

With SCAD FASHWKND just days away, we chatted with seniors about their fashion inspirations. Here, meet Mosi Mckie.

From posing to patterns, Mosi Mckie draws from the elegant and macabre—with a dash of Rihanna—to deliver his unique aesthetic. “I used to model and I was pursuing that until I had this self realization that I would never be 6-feet tall,” says the Virgin Island native. “A family [friend] suggested sketching and that’s where it all began.”

Through brocade and jacquard (his favorite fabrics), Mckie’s senior collection explores the glamour of the Victorian age, along with the darker aspects of the period. “As much as [the Victorian era] is romanticized, it goes unnoticed that during this time slavery was at its prime, essentially paying for the opulence,” he says. 

 I live by the words … Bend to no one but your own will. 

Who has perfect style?


The most rewarding part of being in fashion is … the sleep you get right after finishing a big project.


My favorite reality escape …


The best decision I ever made was to … stop caring what others thought of me and just do what makes me happy.


My favorite designer …


 Growing up in the West Indies, my first fashion memory was during carnival—all the assortment of costumes. 


My favorite party song … 

If I were to bring back a fashion decade … The 1980s. Like, everything. 


Cover image courtesy of designer. 

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