Meet the Fashion Student: Greg Dugdale

Cover image courtesy of designer.

With SCAD FASHWKND just days away, we chatted with seniors about their fashion inspirations. Here, meet Greg Dugdale. “I decided to go into fashion because I couldn’t stop creating,” Dugdale says. “Every weekend, from about fifth grade to now, I’ve work on something [that’s] art or fashion.”  Dugdale’s collection exudes a colorful, enthusiastic feel you might expect from a beloved kid’s book character (he’s a self-professed Amelia Bedelia fan, after all), but his intricate manufacturing is all art-school finesse. “The most common materials I work with are cotton and denim, but I love to create new materials that no one has come up with before.”


The trend I never want to see again … high socks with sandals. I cannot even with that.

Last movie that made me cry …


My first fashion memory … When I was in fifth grade I went to a church sale and purchased men’s neckties. I started sewing them together and made an asymmetrical skirt.


Art that inspires me …

The most rewarding part about fashion design … Seeing my design come to life off the paper, or in some cases, seeing it just come alive.

Who has perfect style?


I would bring back … bell bottoms. I love pants that have flow at the bottom.


My favorite party song …


Someone once told me you need to be able to deconstruct and reconstruct in your mind as well with your hands. So when an idea pops in my head, I just start cutting and crafting a mock-up.

A photo of my most triumphant fashion moment …


photo courtesy of designer 

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