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new years eve

Joy Ride

Work, play and pizza at Coastal Empire Moto. Words by Alexis Orgera. Photography by Mike Schalk.

Signing Day

The tassels have turned, the diplomas are framed, and caps and gowns have been put away. Now, meet 17 of Savannah’s most distinguished 2018…

Family Ties

Passed down through generations, a Tybee beach cottage ages gracefully. Written by Emily Testa. Photography by Beau Kester. Dining porch & Exterior photography by Dickson Dunlap.

Good Bones

A new Savannah couple brings their midcentury home back to its roots. Written by Savannah magazine. Photography by Richard Leo Johnson.

Local Catch

On the water with Savannah’s crab king. By Joseph Housley. Photography by Beau Kester