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The New Guard 2018

Meet the 2018 New Guard, the next generation of entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators who dream and dare to make our city better, day by day.

The Main Event

A Rebecca Gardner party is a many-splendored thing: china and silver, crystal and linens, flowers and frivolity and always one unexpected detail.

Ring In The New

Against the classic backdrop of a historic mansion, a member of the local “glitterati” designs a porch party rife with personalized touches and sparkling…

When the Landscape Leads

Following nature’s cues to create a warm, timeless new build on St. Simons Island Photography by RICHARD LEO JOHNSON FOR ANYONE WITH A NATURAL…

Intracoastal Oasis

A custom home in Bartow Point offers scenic backyard views Photography by RICHARD LEO JOHNSON // Styling by JKN DESIGN SERVICES A BRAND-NEW BUILD…