The Best is Yet to Come

Moments of serendipity are elusive, but when they occur, they offer a pleasant surprise. One such moment occurred as I was writing this letter on the morning of March 8, which happened to coincide with International Women’s Day. While donning red in solidarity, I noticed that our front of book celebrates the contributions of a number of women in our community who make it a far more beautiful place to live. This focus was not a conscious one as we were putting the puzzle pieces of this issue together; we were simply following the stories—and they all led to these forward-thinking designing women.  

            Katy Skelton is making a name for herself both here and across the country for her eponymous furniture line. Her designs are fresh and ageless—bound to become keepsakes handed down through generations. Artist Tiffani Taylor’s new linens invite us all to fall asleep in a field of flowers—is there anything more dreamy? And, Emily McCarthy’s bright new take on the family crest brings the concept of “branding” into the home. Then there’s Lily Calvert Brown, who is reinvigorating her interior design business with bold strokes. (You’ll enjoy meeting more fabulous women in business in our upcoming May/June issue.)

            We also noticed that homeowners are making bolder choices when it comes to the more public spaces in their dwellings. While brilliant white and creamy oatmeals still reflect our region’s coastal aesthetic, we’re seeing surfaces from floors to countertops and backsplashes infused with the shimmer of metallics and designs that trend toward vivid graphics. The vintage polished nickel finishes of the early aughts are yielding to sleek profiles of shiny chrome, rose gold and copper. (Speaking of shiny, check out our solar energy primer.)

            In this issue, you’ll also tour four beautiful homes—each one a reflection of the owner’s personality. And even though three of the four are new builds, the timeless details speak to the very best in Savannah craftsmanship.   

We do try to bring you the best of Savannah in every issue of the magazine, from our regular bimonthly Savannah magazine to our thrice annual Savannah Homes. And just like clockwork every spring, we give you our readers’ referrals for the best in home improvement, design, accessories and services. Keep this resource list handy. I’ve turned to it time and again when I’ve needed repairs for my own home—like that busted pipe and arthritic HVAC unit—and I can attest that our readers have never let me down.


Thanks for joining us,

Amy Paige Condon


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