What’s Cookin’

Pulled pork nachos at El Coyote. Photo by Jason B. James

Dishing with chefs at eight of Savannah’s newest restaurants. Photography by Jason B. James




Grilled venison loin chop over polenta all’Amatriciana

@ La Scala

by executive chef David Landrigan and chef de cuisine Stephen McLain

Ramps, in season for only a few weeks every spring, accompany this dish— while they last

$38, on the menu at La Scala, opening in May, 119 E. 37th St., 912.443.1875

Pulled pork nachos

@ El Coyote

by executive chef and managing partner Landon Thompson

Served sheet-pan style in one single layer, so there’s never a dry chip

 $12, on the menu at El Coyote, 1 W. Victory Drive, 912.236.5737  

Tuna melt

@ East End Provisions

by executive chef Neil Youngblood

An elevated riff on the old-school tuna melt 

$12, on the menu at East End Provisions, 420 E. Broughton St., 912.335.5522 

Chicken shoyu

@ Akedo Ramen

by executive chef and managing partner Landon Thompson

Traditional ramen with wood-fired chicken and homemade noodles

$12, on the menu at Akedo Ramen, opening in May, 1 W. Victory Drive (in the southern annex of El Coyote), 912.236.5737

Chargrilled pork loin

@ The Fitzroy

by chef de cuisine Cameron Dempsey

The pork chops and applesauce you wish your mom used to make

$20, on the menu at The Fitzroy, 9 Drayton St., 912.777.4147

Welcome Home Platter

@ Edgar’s Proof & Provision

by chef de cuisine Vernard Flowers

A fusion of spicy, smoky and sweet flavors

$14, on the menu at Edgar’s Proof & Provisions, 15 East Liberty St., in the DeSoto Savannah, 912.443.2000

Grassroots Farms pork, potlikker greens, peanut, red pepper 

@ Husk

by chef and partner Sean Brock

Neat and tidy plating resembles modern art sculpture

$33, on the menu at Husk, 12 W. Oglethorpe Ave., 912.349.2600

Stir fry

@ The Grove

by chef Hoss Czup

For crunchy bursts of sweetness, fresh corn replaces traditional rice

$19, on the menu at The Grove, 301 W. Congress St., 912.777.7597

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